13-Minute News Hour with Bobby Eberle – Ep. 369 6/9/21

Radical Leftist ‘DISTURBED’ by American Flags; NYT has her back | Bobby Eberle 13-Minute News Hour

New York Times editorial board member and MSNBC contributor Mara Gay has a big problem with patriotic Americans. In a recent interview, Gay said she was “disturbed” when she saw people in pickup trucks waving American flags. Gay thinks waving the American flag is a symbol of “whiteness” and not a show of patriotism.

Mara Gay certainly has a problem with both the American flag and Trump supporters, but the New York Times came to her defense anyway. The Times issued a statement saying Gay’s comments were “taken out of context.”


⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:39 MSNBC contributor finds American flags “disturbing”
3:56 Biden wants funding for “birthing people”
6:58 Kamala Harris: “Haven’t been to Europe either”
11:13 Texas sheriff: Biden has left us on our own

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