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Breaking News: One Of The Most Dramatic Developments Since The Beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian War

NEW YORK ( — We’ve got breaking news: Nearly seven months of bloodshed and political turmoil have followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian occupation not only proved a major trauma for the Ukrainian people. Surprised by the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Vladimir Putin’s troops withdrew from the Kharkiv area. Ukraine’s general staff said early on Monday that its forces had recaptured more than 20 towns and villages in just the past day, after Russia acknowledged it was abandoning Izyum, a city on the Donets River in Kharkiv Oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine, its main stronghold in northeastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces swept further across territory seized from fleeing Russian troops as the Kremlin grappled with the consequences of the collapse of its occupation force in northeastern Ukraine. The decision to withdraw combat forces is one of the most dramatic developments since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Read more.

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