Rich TVX Breaking News: First Came the 5G — Then Came the COVID-19

NEW YORK ( — Such a Rich TVX News Network bulletin is unusual enough to call for explanation. To many readers it will seem odd to hear of  “Donald Trump”, “5G” and “Tyrannical & Totalitarian Technocracy.” After all, they will say, Donald Trump has always stood against tyranny. Of course, they sold us this package, but the facts speak a different language. Let’s take a look at these facts. The tyrannical & totalitarian technocracy — the attempt to order human life solely by reference to concepts modeled on those of modern technology — runs against the grain of human nature, and calling everyone who exposes them  “dangerous conspiracy theorists,” “COVID-19 anti-vaxxers,” and “secret society,” like Klaus Schwab used to call the Rich TVX News Network, will not make it otherwise. Klaus Schwab reinvented himself as a comedian. The necessary response is denying it in ourselves and transferring it to another so that it can be driven out — the men who reject totalitarian technocracy, the “haters,” the “extremists,” the “fundamentalists etc”. Read more here.

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