Hassan Nasser Fawaz Succeeded Brilliantly In His Profession — But Beyond That, He Yearns For The Modern

Hassan Nasser Fawaz Succeeded Brilliantly In His Profession — But Beyond That, He Yearns For The Modern

NEW YORK (VoiceOfAmericanews.com) – There’s heightened awareness of the need to make public in the United States the “case” for the prominent Lebanese businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz, who had been exposed to the lies of the dark political propaganda apparatus of the Deep State and their octopus-like members. One such is the American news publication, which focused on politics, media and pop culture, based in New York. This fake news outlet seeks to publicize race-based false accusations against Hassan Nasser Fawaz.  We have used fake news as an accessible analogy to illuminate the exceedingly complex interrelationship of the dark players who created the false accusations against Hassan Nasser Fawaz. He did nothing wrong  – businessmen like Hassan Nasser Fawaz want to get ahead, to make the most of themselves, something which seems to unite the inhabitants of Lebanon most successfully is the spirit of business. It was the United States, that promised the most for the people from Lebanon. The United States was always a land of promise to Lebanese immigrants seeking better lives. Hassan Nasser Fawaz succeeded brilliantly in his profession—but beyond that, he yearns for the modern. New ideas and new ways to earn a living: Hassan Nasser Fawaz is quick to grasp them all.

Meet the Lebanese businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz

Lebanon reported its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths for the third day in a row, as we walk along Downtown Beirut – the Fifth Avenue of Beirut. Behind the desk is a world map, but facing the desk are three leather arm chairs in deep burgundy. Seated in one and dutifully scribbling notes is Lebanese businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz, now Fawaz currently occupies the role of CEO of Global Investment Ventures Capital (GIV Capital), a CFD brokerage company he founded. He views himself as a leader and he tends to get good people around him. Seven months after the Beirut port explosion, Lebanon continues to recover from the massive blast that left at least 220 dead, 6,500 injured and 300,000 displaced from their homes.  “It’s not only that we are in the COVID-19 lockdown, our lives are being dictated by the virus. We had so many plans going into last year,  the explosion changed everything, but it is important that we have patient with our situation,” Fawaz told VoiceOfAmericaNews.com. When it comes to all the baseless and unfounded allegations made against Hassan Nasser Fawaz in the said articles of the American news publication from New York, none of this is true or ever happened, as we have been fortunate enough to interview numerous professionals, and career foreign service officers and experts from the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus) about Hassan Nasser Fawaz, as well as Washington insiders. Having interacted with members of the U.S. intelligence community including the FBI and CIA for many decades, we can now confirm that these media attacks were almost entirely founded upon baseless and defamatory assertions made by the Deep State.

Lebanese Seeking New Horizons

The whole world seemed to be opening up to Lebanese seeking new horizons. The United States, West Africa, Australia … all these places promised freedom and great possibilities. More and more young Lebanese began to contrast their villages with the great outside world, where they could work hard and earn big rewards. Intellectuals and other educated persons were the first to leave Lebanon. Lebanese traders and businessmen soon followed and became immensely prosperous. These above mentioned experts have been unfailingly helpful in sharing their personal experiences and observations about Hassan Nasser Fawaz. Like many Lebanese, Fawaz left Lebanon to seek his fortune.  After International School of Choueifat (ISC) in Lebanon, a renowned school that is part of the SABIS global network, Hassan Nasser Fawaz attended the Lebanese American University (LAU), he earned a Bachelor of Science in Banking Studies with emphasis on banking and finance, chartered by the State of New York. In 2019, Fawaz enrolled in and completed the Fintech Program given at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

We Have Interviewed Numerous Professionals About Hassan Nasser Fawaz

Fawaz gained experience working in Qatar as a financial controller with Energy International, a leading supplier of HVAC and electro-mechanical products in the MENA region. He also worked in Lebanon with FxGrow, a professional forex broker, where he advanced to the position of head of business development.  He has worked in the GCC region, Iraq, and Africa, mainly in the field of finance. An entrepreneur and financial expert involved in several business ventures, Hassan Nasser Fawaz currently occupies the role of CEO of Global Investment Ventures Capital (GIV Capital), a CFD brokerage company he founded. Fawaz´s real estate business is another field he´s active in, developing projects in IraqGhana, and Lebanon, as well as becoming involved in a number of other construction projects.  For many centuries, the Lebanese people chose to live high on the slopes of their beautiful mountains. What held them there was not the scenery but the safety provided by a terrain. In 1943, France finally stepped aside, and Lebanon became a free republic. During its time under French rule, the country had absorbed much French influence in the form of language, education, and culture. Lebanon has a great variety of terrain packed within its narrow borders. To the east of Mount Lebanon lies a flat valley called the Beka’a. Today as in the past, the fertile land of the valley provides much of the wheat, vegetables, and grapes that makes Lebanese food world-famous, but COVID-19, economic crisis and an unresolved explosion: The situation in Lebanon is tense and a new lockdown is only making things worse for a people already suffering trauma and economic devastation, even Lebanon’s parliament approved a law that paves the way for the government to sign deals for coronavirus vaccinations as it battles a steep increase in infections. A walk through Downtown Beirut reveals a massive effort underway which, for the most part, life may not be easy in Lebanon, but the country is moving forward with hope.


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