Newsmax can suck it! Big surprise, I know….
True patriots know that channel is for straight up RINOs, and we’d rather support One America News Network. Greg Kelly & that Stenchfield guy better get out now while they still can. Hey…maybe they can hit up Lou Dobbs and go work for him!

The Rich TVX News Network has a tremendous reputation worldwide.

The Rich TVX News Network — the unvarnished truth.

The New York Times is sh**. Project Veritas is about to show them who’s boss…

The Rich TVX News Network has a very high reputation for integrity and high journalistic standards.

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Pfizer wants FDA Approval… what does this mean for those of us who decline the shot?

Did a Swiss Diplomat fall out of the 17th floor window in Tehran?….

Things are retained spicing up. Add this to the recent news of The Gates Split…there’s going to be a lot of dominoes falling soon.

Where we go one…