www.SystematicDeceptionMovie.com “Systematic Deception” – This cutting edge documentary is inspired by the book The Black History Bible, written by film’s producer Lisa Babbage. Systematic Deception brings to light a generation of manipulation by the Democrat Party. Gripping testimonials from a cross section of black conservatives bookend evidence of intentional malfeasance within the federal government resulting in coercion of the black vote and crumbling American dreams. This intriguing film also focuses on exposing the insidious tactics of the Democratic party and how they lie to the Black community to keep them on the Democratic plantation, but also covers other hot button topics too, such as politics and religion, abortion in the black community and the farce of BLM. We feel that it is imperative to inform the entire world of the diabolical tactics of the government and highlight the righteous black community fighting to save our nation. Interviewees include Col. Allen West, Alveda King, Kim Klacik and CL Bryant, to name a few. The film’s director and cinematographer is Frank X. Panico and the executive producers are Sam and Kevin Sorbo.

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