OAN's Alex Salvi hits National Right To Work President with hard questions on PRO-Act, Biden Policy

National Right To work President Mark Mix with Alex Salvi on One America News

When: 2/15/2021

What: Mr. Mix answered Alex Salvi’s questions regarding the labor unions, the Keystone pipeline, the Push Button Unionism Bill known as the PRO-Act, and more.

Biden is siding with union officials leaving rank-and-file members and employees out in the cold without jobs as with the Biden shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline causing thousands of hardworking Americans lose their jobs overnight. The difference between union officials and workers ais growing much wider.

The PRO-Act introduced by Bobby Scott ,a Virginia congressman, is an anti-worker and pro-Big Labor Boss legislation. Everything labor union officials have wanted over the pas 50 years is in this bill.

Their number one goal is to repeal of the 27 right-to-work laws that are currently in place across the country. Secondly, they want to try to back door this card-check unionization schemes. This is the idea of eliminating the secret ballot election for union certification. And, an ominous part of the bill this bill basically would have the federal government imposing contracts on private employers.

There’s lots of other things in there Alex that are really devastating to the economy and to the American worker, like declaring independent contractors to be employees undermining their freedom to contract.

Quick PRO-Act (Pushbutton Unionism Bill) Fact Sheet: https://nrtwc.org/wp-content/uploads/issue-briefs/PRO-Act_Fact-Sheet.pdf

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