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Robert Herring, the founder and CEO of the failing One America News network, recently sent the Friends Of Ron DeSantis PAC $20,000. In spite of running a strictly pro-Trump network, the man calling the shots decided to hedge his bets to give tens of thousands to Trump’s biggest political rival. But it was his rationale for sending the money that proves he’s either a liar or a complete moron, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Robert Herring, the CEO and founder of one American news has given $20,000 to the friends of Ron DeSantis political action committee, which is the organization basically that Ron DeSantis is using to fund his reelection campaign here in Florida. Now there’s nothing illegal about the contributions. So don’t worry about that. But what is weird is why a guy that runs a clearly pro-Trump network is suddenly spending $20,000, not a small sum of money to help Ron DeSantis, who, as we all know, is Donald Trump’s biggest political rival. I mean, pulls out this morning, showed that Ron DeSantis is now beating Donald Trump by eight points here in the state of Florida, which could absolutely flip a primary race in DeSantis favor. So why is the pro Trump guy given a bunch of money to DeSantis? Well, don’t worry folks. Robert Harring explained it perfectly for us and his explanation proves that he’s either lying or he is a complete and total idiot here is that explanation.

Um, it means that we support DeSantis as a vice president. I believe that president Trump was the greatest president in my 80 years. Okay. So he is given Ron DeSantis, $20,000 to run for vice president with Trump at the top of the ticket. So obviously that sends up multiple different red flags, right? Because as we all know, there’s a law that says you cannot have the president and the vice president in the same party on the same ticket from the same state, except of course that it turns out that’s not actually a law, except when they choose to enforce it as a law. This is a very gray area, legally speaking, because yes, technically there is a law, the law that establishes the electoral college and all the rules that go along with it, it was modified in 1804. And to this day, it still says the electors from a state cannot vote for the same, uh, uh, uh, cannot vote for two people from the same state. So it doesn’t mean that electors in Texas couldn’t vote for two people from Florida. It means that two people from Florida can’t be voted on by electors from Florida. And again, only when they choose to enforce that rule. So it technically is a rule on the books. It is officially coded in us law, but it’s not always enforced, but if they chose

To enforce it, you know, if we came down to a very close election in 2024, if it was down to just a couple electoral college votes, you could challenge if it’s DeSantis and Trump and therefore have all of the Florida electors for those people thrown out, which if you lose Florida and you’re a Republican, you’re not gonna win the election. So that’s why I say that if Robert Harring is being honest with this, he is incredibly stupid because that’s putting a big old risk on that Republican ticket to potentially lose all of the electoral college votes from the state of Florida. Now, I think the most likely explanation is that Robert Harring is lying. Robert Harring is hedging his bets. He still loves Trump. The network’s gonna be totally pro-Trump don’t you worry about that for the few people who actually can still watch it, but I think he wants to get in good with DeSantis too. That’s what this $20,000 is about. He’s not, you know, flipping to DeSantis. He’s not turning his back on Trump. He’s doing the coward thing and not taking a stand by giving money to all of his favorite people. So that way, no matter who wins, he wins.

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