During a recent appearance on One America News (that somehow still exists), Rudy Giuliani claimed that the investigations into him have cost him $6 million in clients, even though he was never criminally charged and the investigations were dropped. While Giuliani went on to claim that he’s the most honest man in America, he has to eventually realize that it wasn’t the investigation that did him in – it was his association with Donald Trump. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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During an interview with the One American News Network this week, which apparently is still around. Didn’t, didn’t know that. But anyway, Rudy Giuliani goes on one America and talks about the fact that not only has he lost $6 million worth of clients because of the investigations into him and his activities, but that he’s also somehow one of the most honest men in America. So here is what Giuliani had to say. They had no probable cause to come into this apartment almost two years ago and raid it. And they had no probable cause to raid my law office, which is the worst thing in the world. Ho hold up. Are, are you saying the raid was the worst thing in the world, or your law office is the worst thing in the world because the way you worded at, like, they had no probable cause to raid my law office, which is the worst thing in the world.

Kind of makes it sound like you got some problems at your law office buddy. He continues. They couldn’t find a single misdemeanor to charge me with. I mean, they should give me an award for being the most honest man in America or Trump. We’ve been investigated so much and they can’t find a thing. They can’t find a thing. Rudy Giuliani says, the man who is at risk of losing his law license in both Washington DC and the state of New York says that, Hey, I’m so honest, I should get an award. You know, if you hadn’t thrown in the part about Trump, I would be convinced that you almost came to a realization there, because as I mentioned, he started off by saying he’s lost $6 million worth of clients because of all of these investigations. And Sure, the uh, uh, criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani for acting as an unregistered foreign agent, uh, that went nowhere.

They’ve dropped it. It’s gone. He’s not gonna be charged. So he is right about that. But Rudy, you almost had it, man. You almost had it click because why are you involved in all of these investigations, whether it was the criminal investigation, the, uh, losing your law license, and of course the January 6th stuff. Why are you, why are you being investigated for all these things? The answer is simple because of Donald Trump. Every problem in your life today, Rudy, with minus the stuff with your ex-wife and you weren’t paying her and you owed her tens of thousands of dollars. But other than that, all of the problems in your life come from one man, Donald Trump. You wanted more power. You were friends with Trump before he ran for office. When he did, you thought, Hey, that’s my ticket in. I could become attorney general. I might get a cushy cabinet post. I could be all of these great things. All I have to do is keep kissing Donald Trump’s butt. And where did that get you? It got you a criminal investigation. It got your law

Office rated it got your apartment rated. You’re likely gonna lose your law license in at least one area of the country, probably two, maybe even more. You could be facing criminal charges as a result of the January 6th investigation going on with the doj. You might get hit with indictments from the Georgia Special Grand Jury, all of it, because you threw your lot in with Donald Trump. Had you not done that, had you just said, Hey, Donald, good for you buddy. Uh, I’m not gonna be involved in any of this. Have fun being president. If you’d done that, you would have no problems today. None minus the stuff with your ex-wife. Of course. So maybe that’s the realization you need to come to. I think you’re there.

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