StoneBridge’s ‘Mama India’ Remix Is One Of The Greatest Dance Anthems Of All Time

NEW YORK ( – According to Rich TVX News, as one of the biggest stars in electronic dance music, StoneBridge‘s Mama India Mix will set the standard for an entire generation of house anthems. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call StoneBridge’s uplifting ‘Mama India’ Remix, one of the most important house tracks of the 21st century to date.

The Biggest Dance Anthem Of The Year!

‘Mama India’ by Stevo is a melodious house music monster that instantly insinuates thoughts of Ibiza, sunshine and palm trees. ‘Mama India’ was the world´s first orient techno-house genre track released as a single, it was a underground club hit. The Grammy Award nominated Artist, Producer & DJ StoneBridge sampled the iconic Mama India vocal samples, tablas and replaced verse chorus-verse structure with filthy house beats – tense buildups that led into sudden, inevitable house bass bombs.

a very SPECIAL place to be a part of

Ibiza is arguably the techno capital of the world, as there’s an abundance of micro-scenes, catering to everything from techno to the deepest house. This may be one of Ibiza’s worst-kept secrets, but the club “Mama India” is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. Not exactly a club per se, but a secret location of the elites located on a benevolent millionaire’s private estate, and the location´s strict door policy has made it the holy grail of Ibiza´s nightlife. A personal invitation is required to attend, and in fact, from the outside, it seems like a UFO with walls of glass.

a foundation where sub-genre meets

The StoneBridge Extended Mix builds up pursuing the big banger house sound and seems to be a foundation where sub-genre meets. The creation of a new filthy house sound and a foundation where new house genres are being born. With “Mama India”, the artist tries to capture the excesses that had become status quo in Ibiza. The radio premiere of “Mama India” [StoneBridge Mix] will be held on Sirius XM in the United States and Canada, on BPM Show, one of four Dance/Electronic music satellite channels offered by Sirius XM Radio.

StoneBridge released his highest-profile singles ‘Running’ and ‘So Good’

With its energetic bass and beat structure, melodic synths and soaring highly recognizable euphoric ‘Mama India’ vocal sample, the StoneBridge Mix is considered one of the most monumental house tracks right now. Earlier this year, StoneBridge released his highest-profile singles ‘Running’ and ‘So Good’. With an immediately recognizable melody, StoneBridge’s ‘Mama India’ Remix will became a staple in DJ sets and radio shows all over the world, and it’s also one of StoneBridge’s most beautiful tracks.

His iconic remix of Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ became one of the biggest selling house tracks of all time. Cue another ‘Mama India’ and another drop. That is the StoneBridge Mix we fell in love, and for sure the house music’s next level.