Trump Panics As His Favorite Propaganda Network Faces Destruction

The month of July has ended, which means that the One America News network is no longer available on any national carriers, and Donald Trump could not be more heartbroken. In fact, he seems more upset about losing his favorite propaganda network than he was when the mother of most of his children passed away recently. So he did what he does best, and sent out a panicky message on Truth Social, and Farron Cousins discusses the truly disturbed content of that message.

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Well folks, it is August 2nd today, which means this is the second full day that we have had to go without the one American news network being carried on any nationwide providers. Because on August 1st, yesterday, they were dropped from Verizon. That contract officially expired at midnight, actually on July 31st. So we’ve gone the entire month of August, really just a day and a half ish at this point without one America. And nobody is feeling that sting worse than poor old Donald Trump, right before the deadline. Right, right before Verizon said adios to one America, Donald Trump got on truth, social where he said this one, America news OAN is amazing with great ratings and a really loyal following, despite it being so good, Verizon for purely political reasons will be terminating own. At the end of this month, isn’t this stuff supposed to be illegal. They put stuff in quotes.

Like I, I don’t know what, what that is even about, but then he goes on. The good news is that the owners in management of one America news is smart and very wise, they will figure it out. Um, I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that front. Just like I disagree with pretty much everything else that you’ve said in there, because a lot of it’s verifiably false. Um, here’s the thing, Donald you claim that they had great ratings and a very loyal fan base, but the only time that ratings data has ever been captured for the network, which I believe was, uh, last year, maybe the year before, uh, they averaged 14,000 viewers, 14,000 viewers. If I ever got 14,000 views on a single video, I’d probably pack it in and call it a day because that’s garbage. But that’s what owned one America was pulling in when they were on both Verizon and direct TV, 14,000 average viewers, that’s pathetic, hell even CNN gets better ratings than that.

And they’re at the bottom of the pile. One America of course claims otherwise they say, oh no, our internal data that, of course, we’re not gonna show, show you, uh, show. We’re like number three in the country. Cool. Then show us and prove it, right? Because you say you have it, but then you don’t show anybody. Which means you’re lying about that. Right? I mean, that’s what we have to assume. If you have such great ratings, wouldn’t you share them, wouldn’t you be posting those all over the place. Wouldn’t you be boasting about it? And more importantly, Nielsen would also pick it up because if you get more than 30,000 viewers on linear, uh, Nielsen automatically kicks in and people can know that, see, that’s, what’s really fun here. That’s something a lot of people don’t know, but I’ve actually done a lot of research on this. If a television network or program is getting more than 30,000 viewers, uh, digitally,

You know, with the way things work now, Nielsen ratings automatically kick in from the provider, which means the fact that we do not have data for own for the last, you know, two years basically means they haven’t hit that 30,000 mark. The same thing was true, by the way, for the, uh, RT American news network, you know, there was no ratings data available for that, but they were on dish network and direct TV before they went under. And if they had been pulling in that 30,000 number, it would’ve automatically triggered the Nielsen and they would’ve been reported nationally. They couldn’t have hidden them, but if you’re under 30,000, you can hide it. So just a little note, folks, if you ever see a network boasting about their ratings, but you can’t find ’em anywhere, including from Nielsen, it means they’re trash, which is exactly what one America is.

Actually, I think at this point, it’s probably more, more apt to describe them in the past tense. That’s what one America was, because all they’ve got right now is their YouTube channel, which, Hey, probably not that bad, but also one little cable provider up in Alaska with fewer than 100,000 subscribers and Donald Trump is hurting from this, right? He loved one America. Like that was the most cartoonishly stupid network because they were just over the top with their love and admiration of Donald Trump.


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