Trump Rips Into ‘Gutless’ Politicians Who Won't Answer Questions About Vaccination

During an appearance on the One America News network this week, Donald Trump said that the politicians who refuse to answer questions about whether or not they’ve been vaccinated and/or boosted. This was a clear shot across the bow to Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, who recently dodged questions about his vaccination status instead of just answering the question. Trump is actually right about this, and there’s a reason he’s adopted this line of attack, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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By now you probably know that earlier this week, Donald Trump appeared on the One America News network where he called out the gutless politicians who refused to admit whether or not they’ve been vaccinated and boosted. So in case you missed it, here is the clip of Donald Trump. Take a look.

Do you reconsider your push for it or what’s your view now on the vaccine in general? Well, I’ve taken it. I’ve had the booster. Many politicians, I watched a couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, did you get the booster? Because they had the vaccine and they, oh, they’re answering it like, in other words, the answer is yes, but they don’t wanna say it because they got this, you gotta say it, whether you had it or not say it. Right. But the fact is that I think the vaccine has saved tens of millions of people throughout the world. Okay. I have had absolutely no side effects. I’ve had it like other people have had it, nothing special. I’ve had it.

Now, it’s pretty obvious who he is referring to here, Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis. After all, DeSantis was asked, I think as recently as last week, have you had the booster shot? He danced around it. Refused to actually answer and just moved on to other things. The guy was too cowardly, or as Trump puts it, gutless, to admit that he actually is taking care of himself, even though he is no longer encouraging Floridians to do the same thing. So the big question is not who he was referring to, but why is Trump calling out Ron DeSantis? And for the record, DeSantis’ office this week also sent out a statement like, no, we don’t think this was an attack on, on our governor. Uh, no, it was. DeSantis was the most recent individual to do that. It was heavily publicized. We know who Trump was talking about. So why is Donald Trump going after Ron DeSantis? Well, according to people in the know, it’s being reported that Trump is going after DeSantis because DeSantis won’t say those magic words that Donald Trump wants to hear, which is I’m not running for president in 2024.

See Donald Trump views Ron DeSantis, rightfully, as his biggest competition in the 2024 election, or Republican primary, I guess. But he doesn’t want to have to go up against his little protégé. So Trump wants DeSantis to make it clear to everyone that he is not running for president in 2024. And until he does that, Trump is going to continue with these very vague, though accurate, little attacks against him and of course other Republicans. But it’s also important to point out that everything Donald Trump said there was, was accurate and good. Okay. Give credit where credit is due. He said, you know, the fact is I think the vaccines saved tens of millions throughout the world. I’ve had absolutely no side effects. That’s a good thing for this man to come out and say. Now of course, he also went on and I disagree with this part saying, oh, but you know, if you don’t want to get it that’s your personal choice, blah, blah, blah. You were doing good. You were encouraging people to get it.

You were saying, I know there’s concerns about side effects. I’ve had none. It saved tens of millions of lives. It saved more than tens of millions though. And you should do it. That’s what he should have said. He should have just continued on that path.


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