Donald Trump’s lawyer Christina Bobb recently appeared on One America News (her former employer) to discuss Kari Lake’s doomed lawsuit in Arizona. Neither Bobb nor the host believe the case is doomed, and they even suggested that the results could lead to a Trump victory in overturning the 2020 election. Bobb should know that isn’t possible, but she acted like it certainly was. Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Recently, Donald Trump lawyer, Christina Bob went back to her old hangout, her old employer of the One American News Network, which if you’re like me, you’re kind of shocked to learn that. Holy crap, they’re still there. I I had predicted earlier this summer, by the end of the year, they may not exist anymore, but hey, God, love ’em. They’re still out there producing shows, even though they’re not actually on any network in the United States. So they’re making content. It’s going out there, they just, they don’t even know where it’s going at this point. But anyway, Trump lawyer, Christina Bob goes on there to talk about Carrie Lake’s idiotic lawsuit against the state of Arizona trying to overturn the 2022 election results. And she’s asked actually a very simple question, but without getting, giving too much away, take a look at Christina, Bob, Donald Trump’s lawyer, basically showing us how delusional and stupid she really is. Here it is,

Carrie wins. This one becomes governor, but it proves that Arizona is screwed. Does Trump have any legal standing to go back and go, this is the same system they screwed me at in 2020? Just a question, yes or no?

Uh, well, it’ll be interesting, you know, I don’t know. I mean, one state, as we know, we would need three states. So I wouldn’t necessarily say right away, certainly maybe down the road, but I, I would expect Governor Lake to clean up the process.

Huh? Now, the fun part about this is that Christina Bob didn’t have to say anything, and she could have given the correct answer, which the correct answer to his question of, oh, well, this opened the door for Trump to challenge. The correct answer for that is, no, no. What are you an idiot? Th this is the dumbest thing I’ve, I’ve ever heard. Why are you even asking me that question? And here’s why. It’s the dumbest thing ever. And this is why Christina, Bob is, in my opinion, one of the worst lawyers ever. The two cases are not the same. So there, there wouldn’t be precedent on one, even, even if Carrie Lake was successful, which she will not be, again, still shocked. It hasn’t already been laughed outta court legal experts, election experts have already ripped this lawsuit apart. I talked about that last week, um, because it is so stupid.

They in fact said it was actually poorly written. Like that’s how bad it is. Like the, the wording is stupid. So she’s not gonna win. But let’s assume for a second, let’s say she did win, even if she were to win, it wouldn’t set a legal precedent for Donald Trump and his legal team with Christina Bob on it, to march into Arizona and have the same kind of victory, because it would do be two completely different sets of circumstances. Because Carrie Lake, even though she mentioned a lot of Trump’s claims from 2020 in her lawsuit, isn’t suing over the same claims that Donald Trump has made about Arizona with his challenges. So it’s a completely different set of circumstances, a completely separate set of facts. And Christina Bob, as a lawyer, should have understood that. And she actually could have explained it like, well, uh, maybe it will, we’ll have to wait and see. But, you know, we have to get three other states too, which, you know, we’ll see. We could do that. You are, you are lying. You are lying to this man who works at the network that you used to work at. The correct answer was no, and here’s why. And then you explain what I just explained. But you couldn’t do that. And that is very concerning for somebody that actually has a law license to get out legal maneuvered by a dude that doesn’t have one. But I just did that. And there you go.

There’s a different, another scenario I wanna point out too. Either she just totally fumbled that question, or, and this may be more likely, in my opinion, she’s genuinely that stupid and doesn’t understand it. That’s the thing that should actually worry Donald Trump, if she genuinely believes the answer that she gave, then dude, you’re going to jail because that’s your lawyer. And somebody that’s stupid shouldn’t be representing the former president of the United States who could be looking at multiple different criminal charges on multiple different cases.