TTR Rev Nation with Christina Bobb from OANN!

This week RG “Regular Guy”, Amanda Allen “The Most American Woman Alive”, and J-Red come together with a special guest in the first half of the show, OANN reporter Christina Bobb (Twitter @christina_bobb), to discuss the Arizona Election Audit and her organization Voices and Votes, steps Texas Governor Abbott is taking to resolve the Border Crisis, Docs and Scientists petitioning to wait till at least 2022 to approve the Covid vaccine outside of the scope of emergency that they are acting under now, Hoggle… I mean… Fauci emails and lies,

We may have unpopular opinions but we respect those with differing views. We are not afraid to use our voices to stand up for the God given rights and freedoms of the American people.

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Docs and Scientists Petition FDA to halt approval of Covid 19 Vaccine:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recent Border Security Crisis actions:

Texas Attorney General Bill Paxton and Governor’s Border Protection Task Force:

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OANN One America News Network:

Fauci admits he knew that the virus could be lab invented in Wuhan with Gain of Function research and links to the lab itself:


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