Witness Report: RSBN and President Trump's Farewell Address

Potentially the most popular president since Lincoln, President Donald J Trump brought hope, unity and proud and principled nationalism recognized by millions of U.S. citizens who had been denied these qualities for too long. Many have said, the abuses of the Obama and Biden administration is what lead Americans to elect Trump into office. However, what I have witnessed in the past four years has been both enriching and troublesome. The hatred incited by the complicit relationship between new networks, social media and the Democrat Party against Trump and anyone who supported him, has been a tragic and disturbing event in our history. I started this channel just a few days prior to Trump being elected in 2016. It may be time for me to end this channel as he departs. My initial video was political in nature but has since been deleted because of the discrimination I’ve seen repeatedly.

Right Side Broadcasting Network has been a leader in covering Trump rallies and speeches in live streams I’ve watched on YouTube countless times.


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