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As women in Iran face oppression over the Sharia Law dress code, there’s another movement that is also being led by women that are facing severe persecution. One America’s Natasha Sweatte has more on the growth of these underground Christian churches in Iran.
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We are calling the world to pray and help fuel the movement that God started years ago in Iran. GCM is launching a campaign to raise $5 million to help support the underground church. Civil War is on the brink and we don’t know how this will play out politicly, but we are dedicated to continuing to make disciples in the darkest places on earth. Let us labor together for this beautiful goal.

When you give to the underground church, you give to…

-20 indigenous GCM core disciple makers evangelizing and discipling
-5 Starlink modems, internet service, cell phones, cell service, VPNs, servers, websites, live monitoring, and support
-Transportation and food supplies for evangelism and discipleship meetings
-Indigenous project management
-Disciple-making facility rental and utilities
-800 access ministry packs and humanitarian aid (800 packs x $30/pack)
-Prayer mobilization



1) JOIN in prayer:
2) ADVOCATE for the underground church
3) PARTNER financially


When you invest in GCM, you are making disciples for Christ in the most dangerous, unreached, hostile regions of the Middle East. Every dollar given can be held in the highest confidence, as we are accredited with the ECFA, a national organization for Christian ministry accountability. Help us catalyze more movements by giving now, or contact us to learn about how your church or organization can become a partner.

ADDRESS: PO Box 3343 Nampa, ID 83653-3343


GCM exists to transform Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ, by means of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, and compassion ministries.

GCM’s vision is to see one million self-replicating churches comprised of background Muslim Believers coming to Christ through Disciple Making Movements in Restricted, difficult-access territories transforming their nations resulting in sending indigenous missionaries to surrounding Muslim nations. We seek to build and develop leaders in strategies of Disciple Making and Church Planting that will in turn create explosive growth with a cascading effect resulting in the multiplication of churches that plant churches.

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