Congressman Massie Discusses Biden's Border Crisis with OAN's Stephanie Hamill 3/29/21

In case you missed it, I was a guest on One America News Network’s “In Focus with Stephanie Hamill” yesterday. We discussed #BidensBorderCrisis.

As Stephanie pointed out, two of President Biden’s earliest actions were to stop building the wall and to eliminate the “Remain in Mexico” policy. These Trump policies were bringing illegal immigration under control.

Meanwhile, while Biden shut down the border wall, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats built a ten-foot wall, with razor wire, around Congress. They would probably claim those would be inhumane walls at the border, but they erected them around Congress. After they stopped building the border wall, the Democrats sent National Guard troops to Washington D.C. Why can’t those troops be assisting at the border instead of being deployed in D.C.?