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Jackson Hinkle joins One American News Network to talk about MAGA Communism and why Communists share similar goals with working-class Americans who are MAGA. Hinkle also talks about the ‘green fascist push’ and how Donald Trump began to get rid of Globalists in the MAGA movement. The Majority Report crew discusses the idea of eradication of private property, how Hinkle was able to go through all political ideologies in his answer, and how he always peddles back to George Soros.

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neoconservatism is essentially rooted in foreign policy… It is fundamentally a foreign policy disposition and I- we should be clear Mike Pompeo and John Bolton were appointed to office by Donald Trump. But I guess it’s I don’t know maybe globalism is the biggest threat that the U.S faces I just wonder how they’re using it globally. Well, that’s the thing like they try it in Jackson they try to project on a trump this anti-neo-conservative actor but like he’s perfectly fine with neoconservatives unless they do something against him individually…

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