Massie: No President Should Utter, Stutter, or Mutter About Using Nukes Against Americans 6/24/21

No President should ever “utter, stutter, or mutter” about using nuclear weapons against American citizens, as President Biden recently did. I made this point last night during a segment on One America News Network’s “Real America with Dan Ball.”

Even the leaders of North Korea and Iran don’t say those things. If they did, there would be international outrage. But Joe Biden gets away with it, and nobody is covering this. It’s really ridiculous. Had President Trump said something like this, the Democrats would have attempted to impeach him a third time.

We also discussed my recent exchange with a reporter who asked me if I had taken the COVID-19 vaccine. I told her it was none of her business. We should not let the presumption that people are entitled to ask about your private health history become the “new normal.”

Finally, we discussed the recent surge in crime throughout the country. Since President Biden took office, more criminals have come across the border. Unfortunately, the President keeps hitting the snooze button on the border crisis.