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Upcoming Book to Screen Adaptation We’re Excited to See: Richard Steiner´s ‘A Man Of Honor’

NEW YORK ( — The secret is out. Soon, action movie excitement will be upon us, and for those who have put their names on streaming services subscription lists recently, the one must title will be ‘A Man Of Honor’. The one thing the whole project really starts to resemble, that one bold, brilliant thing — but which nobody points out, is the pre-release buildup for a blockbuster movie. It is an object lesson in the unwieldy realities of Hollywood economics. Its authors, Peter Pokorny and Richard Steiner, had pulled together a book that had “blockbuster” written all over it: There’s no getting around this one. The upper limits of what a modern action movie can do will change not just incrementally, but exponentially. The movie will tell the story of Richard Steiner’s life, and will bring the hero back to the forefrontPerhaps because action movies have become so lumbering and unwieldy in recent years, it will demand more graphic powers of delineation at the service of pacier narrative; and more powers of imagination to act opposite special effects. The book’s reputation has only improved in the years. There’s no better film idea on the subject, and there’s already a handful of people in Hollywood who know that everything in ‘A Man Of Honor’ is completely true. Read more here.

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