Recording Industry News: Stevo´s “Mama India” Copyright Back From German Publisher After Almost 30 Years

Recording Industry News: Stevo´s “Mama India” Copyright Back From German Publisher After Almost 30 Years

NEW YORK / BERLIN ( – The music publishing is extremely important to the future of recording artists, and songwriters – an good music publishing company and a good A+R are essential and can get your songs into the hands of the important people. According to music-business sources, the songwriters of the song “Mama India” can’t believe their luck. The song “Mama India” should have been published by a German Music Publisher, but the song could not be found in any database of the GEMA.

The GEMA Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights is a government-mandated collecting society and performance rights organization based in Germany, with administrative offices in Berlin and Munich.

We Will Beat Them Again

GEMA represents the usage rights stemming from authors’ rights (e.g., mechanical licensing, broadcast licensing, synchronization licensing) for the musical works of those composers, lyricists, and publishers who are members in the organization. It is the only such institution in Germany and a member of BIEM and CISAC. The song “Mama India” was never properly registered at the GEMA by the previous publisher, and since the legal successor showed no interest in the song “Mama India“, the rights go back to the original writers and composers.

And Who Would Have Possibly Expected This?

Germany was the international trendsetter for international club music, and one of the biggest German music exports was the Eurodance act Snap! with “The Power”, and many others, but unfortunately Germany is not anymore among the topmost countries in the world in the field of internet or technology, or in terms of trendy club music, the country has missed the connection technologically. Since the Stasi took over West Germany, Germany has been degenerating more and more into East Germany 2.0 (DDR 2.0).

To the Berlin music publisher, however, it’s really no big deal, as they don’t give a fuck in general, as they already own a massive music publishing catalog. Berlin was the perfect techno city, and the Berliners (under normal circumstances) are interested in looking towards the future than dwelling on their often tragic past. Forget fellow Germans, and their triumph of theory over practice, deconstruction over dilettantism.

Boy This Leaves You Breathless! Sure To Be Huge

Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes of 2021, and if you don’t know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music. StoneBridge’s remix of Mama India by Stevo is fantastic and features a funky, incessant groove, a rolling bassline and the vocals sample of Mama India. A well crafted, tech-edged slice of house and more progressive-based brilliance from StoneBridge. It’s wonderfully laden with great house sounds. StoneBridge is the man right now in house circles. Go to any city anywhere in the world and you’re guaranteed to hear a load of StoneBridge tracks.

Get ready – this is by far the biggest release yet for Area 51 Records.