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Former President Donald Trump surprised supporters during a Presidents Day rally held in West Palm Beach, Florida,  Monday.  Right Side Broadcasting Network captured the hundreds of loyal supporters cheering on the 45th President of the United States as his motorcade rolls down the street.   also tweeted out a video of Trump reportedly waving to his supporters from the motorcade.  Trump’s appearance in the clip begins at the 3:06:44 minute mark.      Trump’s supporters were ecstatic and could be heard yelling and chanting phrases such as “We love Trump,” “A!” and “We know you won.”  The former president appeared to be wearing a white baseball cap and shirt as he waved at the crowd and gave them a thumbs up.    “We love our president,” a man named Samir, identified on the broadcast as one of the event’s organizers, . “This means so much to us coming out here and supporting the man that should rightfully be in the White House.”

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