Unhyphenated America tells OANN that Attorney General is wrong about White Supremacy – 05/14/2021

On Friday, 05/14/2021, Christopher Harris, Executive Director of Unhyphenated America, appears on the “Real America” show with Dan Ball on One America News (OAN) Network to refute and rebuke the U.S. Attorney General on the threat of “White Supremacy” to America. (https://news.yahoo.com/white-supremacy-is-top-security-threat-ag-garland-says-165923811.html)

Christopher says that, actually, the most dangerous threat to OUR REPUBLIC and OUR LIBERTY is any and everyone who shares the Leftist/Regressive/Socialist and Authoritarian ideology of Merrick Garland.

Christopher says that the number of Black folks who are honestly “living in fear” of being victims of “White Supremacist” is infinitesimally small. The overwhelming majority of “African-Americans” live in predominantly “African-American” communities. And every single one of them knows good and doggone well that they are exponentially more likely to have their #UnalienableRights violated by another “African-American” than by some supposed “White Supremacist”. And even those of us who live in majority non-African-American neighborhoods know that our neighbors generally aren’t thinking about us, and they simply want to go about their daily lives without having to think of or worry about issues of “race”.

He says that honest Black folks know that, in 2021, THIS sort of senseless violence (https://www.blackenterprise.com/soldier-and-mother-gunned-down-for-dating-colleagues-ex-two-days-before-mothers-day/) as a result of trivial matters, is 100X more likely to happen to them than becoming a victim of a “White Supremacist”.

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