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☞ Nikolas Cruz trial: Parents of Parkland school shooting victims distraught over verdict: “He’s an animal” “burn in hell” “you will suffer” #nikolascruz #guilty

Robert Bianchi & #BLG Partner on One America News Network Host Addison Smith 🇺🇸#oann #nyc

🛡 The Bianchi Law Group, LLC is located in Parsippany, New Jersey. They are a team of former prosecutors who aggressively fight the government when their clients are charged with crimes. Both Bianchi and Bruno regularly lecture to other NJ Lawyers in the area of criminal law and are regularly in the national media to discuss criminal law issues.

📲 The Bianchi Law Group, LLC sites:

#TheBianchiLawGroup #njlawyer #criminaldefense #CourtMoment #oann #DarrellBrooks #DeadlyParadeCrashTrial

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