Dr Darko Trifunović – Serbia Took A Major Step Forward

NEW YORK (VoiceOfAmericaNews.com) – President Trump hosted Kosovo and Serbia’s delegations in the White House to culminate a normalization process between the two countries on September 4th. Serbia and Kosovo agreed to move forward with economic normalization by signing up to a number of undertakings. They agreed to implement a series of contracts that are set to increase the rail and highway connectivity between Serbia and Kosovo and will link their infrastructure to the Adriatic sea. Serbia and Kosovo pledged to work with the United States on MOU´s to operationalize the provision of loans and additional bilateral projects.

Renowned Security Expert

One of the leading security experts in the world, Dr. Darko Trifunović, has welcomed the United States to play a stronger role in the Balkans again, and said that Serbia took a major step forward.

Counter-Terrorism, National and International Security

Darko Trifunović, MSL, PhD. is a Research Fellow and lecturer at the Faculty of Security Studies-University of Belgrade. Dr. Darko Trifunović is a specialist in Counter-Terrorism, National and International Security Studies. He is former First Secretary of the Foreign Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the UN, Adviser to the State Secretary for War Crimes of Republic of Srpska for Terrorism and Violence and Adviser to the Minister of Police of the Republic of Srpska, BIH.


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