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Breaking News: Putin’s Stooge Milorad Dodik Stole Election: Jelena Trivić Real Elected New President of RS

NEW YORK ( — Putin’s Stooge Milorad Dodik stole the election in Republika Srpska. America´s enemy Serb Dictator Milorad Dodik stole 80,000 votes from Jelena Trivić. Breaking – Jelena Trivić triumphs Jelena Trivić defeated the bloodthirsty dictator Milorad Dodik, but with the electoral fraud of the Red Sect in Republika Srpska, and Željka Cvijanović´s victory in the race for BiH Presidency member, the Kremlin has now taken control of Bosnia and Herzegovina If the cruel and criminal Milorad Dodik regime does not like the election results, in 5 hours they can change it. That’s how long it took to steal 80,000 votes from Jelena Trivić. The election theft started when Milorad Dodik realized that he was losing. At that moment, Jelena Trivić had an advantage of about 17,000 votes over Dodik.

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