What Inspired Hassan Nasser Fawaz On His Path To Business Success?

What Inspired Hassan Nasser Fawaz On His Path To Business Success?

NEW YORK (VoiceOfAmericanews.com) – As the founder and owner of GIV Capital, Hassan Nasser Fawaz is famous in the MENA region as an entrepreneur, and businessman. He is also known as Young Arab Leaders member. An entrepreneur is someone who starts off their own business or enterprise and takes on responsibility for the risks and the outcome. Many successful business people have money behind them. Fawaz learned from an early age that he had to work hard if he wanted anything in life. Hassan Nasser Fawaz started out with very little and this inspires young people today. Where did the fast-moving entrepreneur Hassan Nasser Fawaz get his spirit for entrepreneurship? How did he get his independence and self-belief? Fawaz thanks his parents. He believes their love and encouragement set him up for the business world. Fawaz always aims for the top. If he fails then he will try and try again. GIV Capital is an unconventional name but it appealed to Fawaz’s sense of entrepreneurship.

Hassan Nasser Fawaz is regularly cited as a role model

The academic research to date confirms the observation that entrepreneurs in general are competitive people, but living in Beirut has influenced many of Hassan Nasser Fawaz ‘s ideas. More people of Lebanese origin live outside Lebanon than in it. Many Lebanese have done well. Carlos Slim, a Lebanese-Mexican telecoms tycoon, is one of the richest people in the world. Fawaz took a huge risk getting into the finance business. Many of the companies in the finance industry had been in operation for a long time and were well known. It was difficult for Fawaz and his GIV Capital to compete with these bigger, established financial services companies, and although Hassan Nasser Fawaz has had much success, it has come with many challenges. Throughout his life, Fawaz has always had people telling him that he could not achieve his goals. Hassan Nasser Fawaz, however, has always loved a challenge. Above all, Fawaz achieved success through innovation, even all entrepreneurs love to compete, but the essence of any competition is that the outcome is uncertain. Hence there is an element of risk, and it is the characteristic of Hassan Nasser Fawaz as a risk-taker.

The Young Arab Leaders member Hassan Nasser Fawaz

Fawaz relates to his dreams and visions, his approach to leadership, and his strategy for building and maintaining competitive global company GIV Capital staffed with dedicated, enthusiastic people. Fawaz, when describing his own approach to risk within his company GIV Capital, told us that he keeps each of his enterprises small and never takes a business risk that would put any of his other ventures in jeopardy. The successful entrepreneur must not only understand the individual elements, but he must also have the ability to see them as the interlinked parts of a complete enterprise. Every project is, of course, different in its complexity. A crucial element for the successful entrepreneur Hassan Nasser Fawaz, in addition to his being an innovator and a risk-taker, is his role as a manager. The Indian political leader Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘We need to become the change we wish to see in the world.’ The Young Arab Leaders member Hassan Nasser Fawaz wants more young people in the Arab world to come up with good new business ideas, saying: “If you have a good entrepreneurial idea, you should go for it.”

The values that drive Fawaz are an integral part of his vision

Hassan Nasser Fawaz has sustained change and innovation in his company without forfeiting the respect and loyalty of his subordinates. The values that drive Fawaz are an integral part of his vision. Fawaz has become an celebrity through his Young Arab Leaders Membership, the subject of numerous profiles in news magazines, in the business press, and on television. In Lebanon he has achieved folk-hero status and is frequently cited as a role model for young people wanting a successful business career. Run by a intuitive, disarmingly friendly entrepreneur, GIV Capital has a corporate culture that puts high value on innovation. Hassan Nasser Fawaz is the role model in the MENA region by young people who hope to be successful in business careers without having to compromise their personal ethics. Fawaz possesses a unique combination of energy, and originality. You can experience what Hassan Nasser Fawaz fits into his business day by going on the Internet and watching him on You Tube or following him on Twitter! Fawaz has a number of qualities that a entrepreneur needs!

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